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  • Dan Wolf, CPA (Isr.)

Allegro thinks it's time to Rise with SAP

Allegro-Pro is happy to take part in the transition of organizations to the next generation of ERP in the cloud -

RISE with SAP.

SAP first introduced last year the next generation of ERP in the cloud - Rise With SAP - which includes a unique package of services, combined in one contract that includes: maintenance, upgrades, managed service for the IT and SAP infrastructures, a catalog of best practices adapted to the industry, security and Applicable SLA.

The new SAP system in the cloud is suitable for companies that want an ERP system that will lead them into the future and place them at the forefront of technology of the coming decades. The system gives organizations the ability to make decisions quickly, predict trends and opportunities, derive business insights from huge databases, control and manage according to best practices, create automation and maximize efficiency in production processes and the logistics chain.

Benefits of transition to SAP S/4HANA Cloud:

  • Cost-effective - rapid upgrades to enjoy innovative solutions.

  • Flexible and adaptable - compatibility with any device, localization for 47 countries, fast and simple customization.

  • Comprehensive - contains all the proven capabilities of SAP for managing resources and business processes.

  • Innovative - Innovative and friendly UI, SAP Process Automation (ML, RPA etc.).

  • Ability to control and manage - Digital Discovery Assessment tools, automatic test tools.

  • Durability - Best in class uptimes, Rapid Disaster Recovery capability

  • Safety - Cloud security and compliance, Data protection

Allegro-Pro is a SAP Official PartnerEdge Member and already takes part in several RISE with SAP projects on the Public Cloud and Private Cloud platforms. For more details, please send us an email to

Why Rise with SAP


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