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  • Raz Shany, CPA (Isr.)

Approving the printing of preprinted signed checks from SAP

Some companies use preprinted check forms in SAP with signatures on the check form.

For these organization we offered a lean 2-steps solution, which is only valid for preprinted check forms.

This functionality prevents one user from completing the payment run and printing signed checks,

unless there are additional approvals in SAP (by two different approvers).

We created a new Z-transaction code for the approval process and a Z-table to maintain the approval

data, and integrated it together with standard BADI and standard payment programs.

One user can create a payment proposal, but will not be able to complete the payment run until the

proposal is approved by two different users. Only after the approval process is completed, the payment

run can be executed and the checks can be printed.

You are invited to read more information about our solutin for Payment Proposal Workflow in the following link:

For more information please contact us :

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