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  • Yossi Levi, CPA (Isr.)

SAP Concur Integration

Recently more and more companies consider implementation of SAP Concur solutions.

SAP Concur offers a Travel & Expense management solution and an invoice processing solution - you can learn more about it in .

SAP Concur solutions has a pre-built integration connector to SAP, enabling the connection of the two systems, so you can import and export data between them easily. For example, expense reports from Concur are then posted as FI documents in SAP.

One of the major issues interfacing two systems is the fact that they, by definition, have different roles thus different languages. Concur provides an integrated connector tool that is built for that purpose.

Our FI experts in Allegro Pro Ltd. have a wide experience working with the integrated connector tool allowing the customer to define, design and customize the interface.

For example:

  • Define which fields will be populated in the document Header (BKPF) or document line items (BSEG)

  • Change fields values like Reference, Text, Assignment etc.

  • Define special rules for different company codes.

  • Control cost object assignment.

  • And more……..

You are welcome to contact us for more information -

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