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  • Raz Shany, CPA (Isr.)

Rollout Process

In today’s business world, many global companies located in different countries or even continents aim to use one single SAP system. Many of these projects are not done in “one take” but are spread to a relatively long period, moreover even after finalization of this process mergers and acquisitions create the need to add new companies to the system. Taking aboard each company at a time is commonly known as a Rollout Project.

Here is a short summary of how it is usually done:

** Over the years different titles were created for these steps, we use here the good old fashion terms but do not be surprised if you see different titles **


  • Create Business Process Mapping documents that describe the “As-Is” processes currently used by the company and are configured in SAP. It is a detailed document that includes working procedures, roles, Z programs etc. (both business perspective & IT inputs).

  • Create Business Process Mapping documents that describe the “As-Is” processes in the new company.

  • Identify gaps between the above 2 documents.


Gap analysis of the new company you want to move to SAP- present the AS-IS and identify gaps between what you have and what the new company needs

This is the toughest one when you tell the newcomers what (if any) old processes will be modified or will not be included in the new system at all and what new processes will be implemented

Project plan

Build a plan based on the agreed TO-BE scope.

Pay attention to:

  • Legal requirements (mandatory)

  • Business requirements (mandatory & optional)

  • Completely new processes that do not exist in your current SAP system.

  • Translations of objects in SAP

  • Z programs

  • Testing

  • Training

  • Authorizations

  • Data migration

There is a lot of online information regarding specific requirements & SAP solutions for each country and SAP maintains an official website for it:

It is highly recommended to hire local consultants for such a process, mainly to comply with legal requirements, nonetheless important to help the local company fit the gap in processes and in the way of thinking.

Allegro Pro consultants were involved in various rollouts all over the world: starting with the US & Canada, Spain, Greece, Poland and other European countries, and several countries in the Far East such as China, Hong Kong & Japan. We took part in many “Rollin” projects (a rollout from a non-Israeli company to an Israeli subsidiary) and helped the local staff get used to the new system and manage successfully the entire change.

For more information please contact us:

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