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  • Arnon Shufman, CPA (Isr.)

Down Payment for Fixed Asset

There are different ways to record a down payment for fixed assets.

I will mention two options that are common and quite different:

Option 1 - Asset down payment process without any special postings in Asset accounting

  1. Down payment request f-47 (a special GL can be defined for fixed assets)

  2. Payment for the down payment (f110, f-53, f-58)

  3. When the invoice arrives clear the down payment with the invoice using f-54.

Option 2 - Asset down payment process involving Asset accounting postings

In this procedure we want to reflect the down payment as an asset, see it in the balance sheet under fixed assets and in the asset accounting reports. This approach especially relevant when we have a project or anything that runs by milestones.

A standard process by SAP enables you to record the down payment to an asset, reverse it once the invoice arrived and post it to the final asset.

The process remains the same as above with some adjustments:

  • Down payment request F-47

We will update 2 additional fields as marked below:

Asset – should be an asset in a down payment class that has no depreciation.

Purchase order – the down payment will be connected to a Purchase order and all the postings for the down payment will be reflected in the "purchase order history" (this is also applicable for non-fixed assets down payments).

  • Payment for the down payment:

Unlike regular down payment document , when there are only 2 lines of the vendor (connected to the DP clearing account) and the bank, here we will have 2 additional lines for fixed assets:

  1. The asset created for the down payment in the down payment asset class

  2. The down payment clearing account(**)

** the clearing account can be classified in the balance sheet together with the vendors Down Payment account so that the only record for the asset down payment will be in the Down Payment asset.

  • Down payment clearing

Two ways of doing this, depends on what is implemented in your system

  1. In 2 steps: Invoice verification(MIRO) & F-54 – clear the down payment with the invoice.

  2. If business function LOG_MMFI_P2P is implemented do it in one step through invoice verification (MIRO).

In both cases the outcome is the same.

For more information , please send us an email to :

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