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  • Yossi Levi , CPA (Isr.)

Sensitive Fields for Dual Control in Vendor/Customer Master data

In this activity you can define specific fields for dual control in the customer/vendor master records. If you define a field in the customer/vendor master record as "sensitive", the corresponding customer/vendor account is blocked for the payment run if the entry is changed. The block is removed when a second person with authorization checks the change and confirms or rejects it.

This functionality provided by standard SAP is at client level, meaning when you define a specific field as a sensitive one, it will be effective for all company codes and for all vendor/customer groups.

standard SAP sensitive fields customization:

One of our customer wanted to activate this standard tool with dynamic options in order to allow him to use it for selective levels. We implemented a solution based on standard UE with Z table to determine specific required logic for our customer needs.


- For payment terms we activated the sensitive mechanism only to selected company codes.

- For bank accounts we activated the sensitive mechanism only to selected vendor groups.

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