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  • Gershon Blumenfeld, CPA (Isr.)

Uniform file Simulator

As of 2006, the Income Tax regulations stipulate that in any software managing a computerized accounting system that requires registration, it should be possible to produce a set of files in a uniform structure that includes a complete breakdown of all transactions and records from the organization's information system.

The uniform file set includes should two files:

1. Header data extract file named INI.TXT

2. Business information data file named BKMVDATA.TXT.

As part of a periodic audit review the tax authorities in Israel may ask companies to hand over uniform files for the years being audited. SAP Israeli localization includes a solution for producing uniform files. It requires configuration and sometimes additional developments using user exits. After the initial preparation it is important to check the uniform file and make sure it is valid and consolidate with your financial reports, however many companies only then realize that they are very limited.

The Israeli Tax Authority offers the general public a simulator to validate the files with limitation that the BKMVDATA file size can be up to 4 MB. In an average company that uses SAP, a uniform file size for a period of one year may reach several GB, therefore the use of the simulator becomes irrelevant. In light of this, many organizations cannot check the uniform file before submitting it to the authorities and they may submit a file with an invalid structure or with incorrect or partial data.

Allegro-Pro's solution:

Allegro-Pro has developed a simulator for the uniform file that allows you to check file without size limitation.

System capabilities:

  • Checking the correctness of records in accordance with the tax authority guidelines.

  • A detailed error report that enables you to easily identify required corrections.

  • Save time and effort in the testing phase.

  • The simulator can check uniform files from any ERP source system.

For more information, please contact us by phone at 052-6509010 or by email at


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