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  • Harel Cohen, SAP consultant: CO, PS, FM

PS Cash Management

Not everybody knows… but the FM (Funds Management) infrastructure allows us to monitor cash transactions for Projects in SAP.

After activating and implementing Project System module, you have an option to make additional customization and to activate component called "PS Cash management".

The PS cash management enables you to look at project-related payment flows by supplying information on the timing of payments into and out of your project. It also plans and monitors the payment flow from the project point of view.

In order to use it, you must create FM area and commitment items that can track all kind of payments (plan / actual / commitments).

These are the type of business transactions that can be recorded through this component:

On the credit side:

  • Purchase requisition (commitment)

  • Purchase order (commitment)

  • Down payment request (commitment)

  • Down payment (actual)

  • Down payment clearing (actual)

  • Invoice receipt (commitment)

  • Payment receipt (actual)

On the debit side:

  • Down payment request (commitment)

  • Down payment (actual)

  • Down payment clearing (actual)

  • Invoice issue (commitment)

  • Outgoing payment (actual)

Here are a few examples for business use of this component:

  • For a sales project, it is necessary to track incoming payments from the customer. These payments can, for example, serve as milestones for the project.

  • For an investment project, payment to suppliers can be allowed only in accordance with the cash flow budget defined by the finance department.

Here is an example of SAP standard incoming and outgoing payments:

Budget = Planning

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