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Extracting Uniform File from SAP system

On August 2, 2006, an amendment was published to the Income Tax Instructions (Management of Account Books) which states that in any software for managing a computerized accounting system that requires registration, it must be possible to generate a computerized file which includes transactions, master data, and more. Since this publication, many inspections by the tax authority begin with a requirement to provide the uniform file within a short period of time.

Please find useful link to the official documents and requirements from the Israeli tax authority website.

For organizations running SAP that haven't produced the uniform file yet, please be aware that it might require significant time and resources. You will need to make sure that you installed the latest SAP IL localization notes, you will need to setup and add customization and it might also require developments and enhancements in user exits. In addition, you will need to test the file and make sure it is valid and contains all the required information.

Our recommendation - don't wait for the income tax representatives to arrive and prepare ahead of time to extract and check the Uniform File.

Our consultants in Allegro-Pro have gained a lot of experience in leading projects to produce Uniform file from SAP system in a variety of large companies in Israel. We accompany the organization starting from the phase of characterizing and mapping the necessary business transactions, establishing infrastructure, designing and preparing technical specifications, running tests processes and leading the project until the Uniform file is produced in production system. Joining Allegro-Pro will allow your organization to significantly shorten the timeline and reduce the risks and costs involved in the project.

New !!! Allegro's Uniform File Simulator

We are happy to offer an advanced service that enables a comprehensive integrity check of the uniform file. The service is suitable for uniform file extracted from any ERP system and it offers a solution for large scale companies that have Uniform files with hundreds of MB or even more. The official simulator of the tax authority can only check files up to 4MB. Allegro's uniform file simulator can read large files without size limitation, even several GB, and it provides a detailed report of errors analysis with list of failures or missing data.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us!

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