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Payment Proposal Workflow

Allegro-Pro developed a Payment Proposal approval solution that facilitate and document the approval process in easy to use and centralized reports, with ability to monitor and track payments before they are issued.

In many organizations the payment proposal process is overlooked or curried out manually, a process which takes a lot of time, resources and unnecessary paper work. In some organizations AP or Treasury departments still tend to print each and every invoice along with SAP payment proposal list, hand a folder of papers to the approvers for manual signatures before then carry on with the payment run.

Allegro-Pro's payment proposal workflow provides a comprehensive solution with prebuilt reports and customable approval process.  

  • The workflow locks the payment proposal until the workflow is completed.
  • The approvers is notified by email with a link to an extended report with the ability to drill down to any relevant supporting document.
  • The report also provides analytical information, comparison to previous payment runs and other relevant master data information - allowing the approver an access to all the required data before taking the decision whether to approve or block an invoice for payment.
  • All decisions are documented and saved in the system.
  • No need to print invoices and use manual signatures.


For more information or schedule a demo, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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