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Israeli SAP Localization & Tax Solutions 

Correction of the Annual Withholding Tax Report (Form 856)

​The Israeli Tax Authority regularly updates the format and reporting requirements of the annual withholding tax report (Form 856). To help companies comply with these changes, Allegro-Pro provides consulting services to verify and rectify the content of their 856 files. This may involve tasks such as consolidating lines with negative amounts, mapping tax deduction codes, and more.

Uniform files Simulator

To address the limitations of the official tax authority simulator, which restricts file size uploads to a maximum of 4MB, Allegro-Pro has developed a simulator system specifically for the Uniform File. Our simulator has the capability to read large files, even several GBs in size, and generates a comprehensive error analysis report, highlighting any failures or missing data.​

VAT Files Consolidation

In accordance with the requirements of the Tax Authority regarding monthly online VAT reporting (PCN874 report), organizations with several financial systems need to consolidate VAT files from different sources into one VAT file. Allegro-Pro has developed a tool for consolidation of PCN874 VAT files files in a simple and easy to use solution in SAP.

Changeover from classic withholding tax to extended withholding tax

Companies utilizing the standard SAP version of classic withholding tax may need to upgrade to the extended withholding tax version to comply with specific tax regulations. This changeover process necessitates a comprehensive understanding of withholding tax procedures and customization within the SAP system. Allegro-Pro has extensive experience in managing Withholding Tax Changeover projects, assisting companies in securely and efficiently converting relevant customizations, master data, and transaction data to enable the utilization of extended withholding tax.

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